I wanted people to feel autumn still, so I created an autumn forest with autumn’s seasonal vegetables. It’s important to eat seasonal food.

Do you know about Okara?! Check wikipedia, please :)

(See the yellowish white  thing on the cracker-plate in the photo above)

Usually tofu makers throw this away, so you can get it very cheaply. But it is a very healthy super food, which I wanted to introduce to people here in Berlin for ages! You can make cake, vege burger, etc.

I always buy them from here. http://www.smartdeli.org/

This event was the perfect occasion to introduce okara, so I made salad to go with it. Hope they liked it :)

I didn’t produce so much rubbish for this catering event. Yes!

Menu: Chestnut & Dried Prune Roll, Okara & Seaweed Salad, Vegetable Crisps, Tofu Mushroom Burger, Wasted Vegetable Soup, 3 different kinds of Hummus, Cracker-Plates (edible plates), and Dried Fruits & Nuts Salami.

I made edible plates and foot shaped spoons. That was such fun and was yummy!

Rye flour, thyme, salt, oil, and water.

After cooking everything, I made autumn pizza with the leftovers. With gorgonzola & garlic sauce. That was so nice.